Season of Solitude

As I sit here writing this post, I’m at the E&O Kitchen in San Francisco…..yet another “usual” spot I’ve acquired in my time here thus far. It’s a 22 year old modern, Asian-fusion restaurant with an attentive, kind, Hispanic bartender named Sergio….who swiftly  pours me a glass of perhaps the best sparkling rosé I’ve ever tasted.

I am alone, as seems to be the theme of my life at the moment. In fact, I’d venture to say I’ve eaten alone this year far more times than in the company of others. And with this fact….I find myself totally and completely content. COMPLETE in general.

This year, has yet again, been one of transition. Transition’s bigger than I could have ever bargained for or imagined for myself. And that right there, that is why I consider myself a life enthusiast. I love, I relish, in the fact that life can truly change in such ways that in just a short span of time, we hardly recognize our old selves, our old lives, and we see the world with a brand new set of eyes.

I am still a social butterfly. The gal that makes friends wherever she goes, has no qualms about striking up a conversation with a stranger, and does her best thinking in the midst of noise. But I find these days (just a week shy of my 33rd birthday now), that I choose solitude over most things when given the choice. Getting lost in a book, forgetting to check my phone, taking a long bubble bath, or binging on Netflix. My mental health is of the upmost importance. And sometimes it takes us being clouded and tortured first, to truly get to this point, of choosing well for ourselves. But I have arrived. Truly and fully.

“Be alone. Eat alone. Take yourself on dates. Sleep alone. In the midst of this, you will learn about yourself. You will grow. You will figure out what inspires you. You will curate your own dreams. Your own beliefs. Your own stunning clarity.” Unknown



⁄ Indonesian Fried Rice with Gulf Shrimp ⁄

4 Replies to “Season of Solitude”

    1. Absolutely! Solitude is therapy for sure. The longest relationship we have is the one we have with ourself…..might as well make it as healthy as we can . No better way to do that than to sit with our thoughts without the chaos of everyone else’s.

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  1. I actually LOVE a solo date!!! Haven’t done it in a while —- but I was sort of forced to after a break-up years ago, and somehow it therapeutically became the BEST thing I had done for myself in that season!

    PS> That rice looks good!

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    1. Yes! No pressure to make small talk, or engage haha (which sometimes I simply just don’t have the energy for). I can just read, people watch, or be alone with my thoughts. Very therapeutic, I agree 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by!

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